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Oral surgery can sound like a scary thing and that can lead to people resisting the need for oral surgery and other dental procedures. In order to better understand what is meant by oral surgery, has broken down the different procedures that are considered oral surgery.

Specialized surgery – Specialists in a certain field of oral surgery typically carry out specialized surgeries. For example, a maxillofacial surgeon would perform a jaw alignment surgery, which would entail breaking the jaw and realigning them. Specialized surgeries are not typically performed for cosmetic reasons, but for more practical reasons such as improving the patient’s chewing, breathing and/or speech problems.

Wisdom teeth – Impacted wisdom teeth will require the services of an oral surgeon. When wisdom teeth are impacted, they can push the other teeth forward and cause misaligned and crooked teeth. As a result, the impacted teeth need to be removed and the gums need to be stitched shut.

Dental extractions – Sometimes a tooth is dead or dying and the decay is beyond repair so it needs to be extracted. Extractions are also a more cost effective alternative to repairing an ailing tooth. Additionally, when a patient is preparing for dentures, an oral surgeon may need to perform and extraction.

Root canal treatment – A standard dentist is equipped to perform root canal surgery. “The process is carried under mild sedation or a local anesthesia. In this process the root canal and the pulp of the tooth are removed. The canal is then filled with gutta-percha and a cap is placed on the tooth.” At a later time, a permanent cap is placed on the tooth later on.

If you have questions about oral or dental surgery, the staff at Check Dental can set up a free consultation and ensure that your are getting the best and most appropriate care for you dental needs. Having the right information is key to helping patients choose the right dentist and make the best decision regarding their oral health. Call (210) 399-3928 or visit to set up a free consultation.

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