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In a recent story arch of Modern Family, lovable Cam got braces put on as an adult. The decision and subsequent outcome was played up for laughs, but the truth is, you’re never too old to consider getting braces.

A recent report claimed that the percentage of adults who received orthodontics or orthodontic treatment has increased almost 40% in the last twenty years. Braces, once thought to be a teenage problem or rite of passage, are now being considered my many adults who passed on the need, for whatever reason, as a young person.

More and more dentists are offering a wider variety of orthodontic options to their adult patients who are trying correct their bite or enhance their smile. Those options include more discreet options than traditional metal braces.

Dental experts do warn adult patients that they should be aware that straightening teeth at an older age could present potential complications. Most adults have had decades of past dental work and that dental work can make it more difficult for the orthodontist to get the desired results.

Why are more adults considering orthodontia? About adult patients, Gerald Nelson, an orthodontist and clinical professor at University of California, San Francisco says “They’re healthier, their dental health is better and they’re interested in having their teeth last the rest of their life.” Treatment costs for adults may be a little higher than for adolescents, but the cost should not deter any serious adult from seeking the orthodontic care they desire. It is important to note that in some cases adults need orthodontic treatment before having other dental work done, such as teeth restorations or implants. However, with these considerations in mind, there doesn’t seem to be an age limit that prevents adults from seriously considering braces. However, Dr. Aamodt, of UCSF, says, “Our goal for treatment of children is to achieve perfection.” That often isn’t possible in grown-ups, he said, “so our goal for treatment of adults is to achieve the best compromise.”

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