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Last week, we began a list of ways to combat the bad breath problem. While it’s important to maintain regular checkups with your dentists, there are ways that you can contribute to the fight against halitosis. Your significant other will be grateful, your co-workers will be grateful (who knows, maybe your dog will be grateful, too?)

Most methods that are used by people serve to just mask the problem, but with these methods, you can cut out some of the sources of bad breath at the root and promote good dental health as well.

Quit smoking and avoid tobacco products – We all know that frequent tobacco use is bad for anyone’s health. It says so right on the package. But if the fact that it’s trying to kill you isn’t motivating enough, it’s also giving you bad breath.

Drink sufficient amounts of water – How much water is enough varies depending on whom you ask, but its safe to say that drinking around six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day is sufficient. Proper hydration and irrigation of the mouth will combat odor, wash away food particles and bacteria. Bacteria is the primary cause of bad breath.

Eat a piece of sugarless candy or chew sugarless gum – Another way to rectify dry mouth is to try sucking on a piece of sugarless candy or chew sugarless gum to stimulate saliva flow. The saliva will help to wash away food debris and bacteria that cause bad breath as well as promote better digestion.

Munch on a carrot, a stick of celery or an apple – Almost everybody likes to snack. If you choose a healthy snack like crispy, fresh fruits and vegetables, not only will you be fighting unnecessary weight gain, but you’ll be stimulating saliva flow between meals. This will also help wash away bacteria from your teeth, tongue and gums.

Eat your parsley – Seeing parsley on your plate isn’t as common as it used to be and when you do see it, it is generally regarded as a garnish, but parsley adds more than a green garnish to your lunch plate. Parsley contains chlorophyll, a known breath deodorizer. If you don’t want to chew that little green garnish, you can place a few handfuls in a juicer and sip the juice when you need to refresh your breath.

If you suffer from chronic bad breath, you may have a bigger problem occurring in your mouth. Contact Check Dental to schedule an appointment and get that breath under control.

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