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Oral Surgery

Tooth Extractions

One of the most common surgical services provided by Check Dental is tooth removal or tooth extraction. All of our hygienists and dentists have professional training and experience with the removal of single or multiple teeth while providing little to no discomfort to you as a patient. Check Dental also has local anesthesia (numbing) and level 1 oral sedation to ease the process or anxieties of the patient during tooth extractions.

Wisdom Teeth

The average adult, by the age of eighteen, has thirty-two teeth: sixteen on the top and sixteen on the bottom. Every single tooth is uniquely named and serves a specific function. At the front of the mouth are the incisors, canine, and premolar teeth. These are perfect for grasping and biting into food to break it into smaller pieces. The back teeth, called molar teeth, are for grinding up food into a more consistent and suitable size for safely swallowing.

Although the average adult has thirty-two teeth, the average mouth can only properly hold up to twenty-eight teeth. This means that when thirty-two teeth cram into a space of twenty-eight it can cause severe discomfort and pain. The “extra” teeth are called “Third Molars,” but are more commonly known as “wisdom teeth.”

Purpose of Removing Wisdom Teeth

The Third Molars, or wisdom teeth, are the very last of your teeth to try and surface within the mouth. In an ideal case, the wisdom teeth align properly with healthy gum tissue. However, this does not happen as often as people might hope. When a wisdom tooth does not align properly, it will need to be surgically extracted. As wisdom teeth begin to emerge, they may take strange routes to try and find the easiest way to erupt successfully from the gums.

With the strange route and position of wisdom teeth, numerous problems for overall oral health are created. When the tooth has only partially emerged from the gum, it creates a breeding ground for bacteria to grow around the opening in the gums. If not treated, this will result in an infection. Swelling, stiffness, pain, bone loss around other healthy teeth, and illness are all side-effects from an infection.

If the wisdom tooth is not extracted, it can also negatively impact the other teeth in the mouth. In severe cases, cysts or tumors can form around the affected wisdom tooth. As a result, the jawbone and healthy teeth can be entirely destroyed.

Removal of improperly aligned wisdom teeth is a very high priority in order to secure a healthy mouth overall. The sooner you can have any offending wisdom teeth removed, the better off you will be. This will reduce both the risks and the pain associated with late-game wisdom tooth growth.

Oral Examinations

Using panoramic x-rays of the mouth, Check Dental evaluates the position of all teeth, including wisdom teeth, during an oral examination. This will help us to determine if there are problems or predict if an issue may arise in the near future. It has been shown through studies that early evaluations and treatments will result in a more successful and desired outcome for you as a patient.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

With the help of local anesthesia, laughing gas, or general anesthesia, a surgical removal of the wisdom tooth (or teeth) can begin. These options and any surgical risks will be discussed well in advance so that you are well informed prior to the surgery. After the teeth are removed, the gum is sutured and gauze is provided to control bleeding.

Immediately after the surgery, you will rest under supervision in the office to ensure that you are ready to be taken home. Before you return home, you will be provided with a special kit to help with the recovery and healing process. These will include postoperative instructions, prescriptions for pain medication, gauze, and antibiotics.

After about one week, we’ll ask you to return for post-operative care and, depending on the stage of recovery, will assist with the removal of sutures.

Additional Check Dental Oral Surgery Services

At Check Dental we provide a variety of other oral services.

  • Bone Grafting (Selective Ideal Sites)
  • Maxillary Tuberosity (Removal for Upper Denture Placement)
  • Palatal Tori Removal (Lesion of Bone Growth - Mouth Roof)
  • Lingual Tori Removal (Lesion of Bone Growth - Inner Sides of Jaw)

At Check Dental, we provide only the most exceptional results while giving you the most radiant and beautiful smile that you can be proud of. Whether you or your children need oral surgery, Check Dental is here to help. We are conveniently located near you. Browse our website to learn more about dental care, oral surgery, and our team, and to answer any questions that you have.

If you need additional assistance or would like to set up an appointment, give us a call today!

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